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Hello. I’m Karen and welcome to my blog. The picture above is me this morning on the North Norfolk coast, which is one of my favourite places to be. My goal is to create a source of inspiration and motivation when on the journey of starting your own online business. Everyone will have their version of my story of course, but everyone will have to deal with this one thing on their path while doing it: obstacles.

Obstacles come onto any life path that you live, but they especially turn up when you are trying to reinvent yourself and your story.

Your story is very personal to you, and comes as a result of your life experiences and emotions of how you deal with those life experiences, which in turn are learnt through our early influences and role models, mainly our parents when we are young, but then later through other close relationships that we have. Our story is influenced by those that we spend the most time within life and forms part of our personality.

The majority of people as they get older assume that they are unable to change themselves to be different from how they already are. They know what they like, and especially what they don’t like. They get comfortable in the choices that they have made in their lives and it becomes too much effort to change into a different version of themselves.

But what if you don’t like the way your life looks? Perhaps you would like to earn more money than you do, or spend more quality time with your family, and do the things that you love. Maybe you don’t like your job that much, or you like it but the hours are too long and there is little flexibility, or it makes you feel stressed and unhealthy.

For me it was clear. I am reasonably unhappy with where I’ve ended up. I want more, I want a sense of purpose, and I am positively determined to unturn every stone on the way, even if what’s under it seems ugly and I don’t want to look at it.

This blog is about my journey on that path. From the beginning. And I want to show you all that it IS possible to create a different reality for yourself and get what you want out of life.

I am going to be completely honest with you the whole journey and will map out my successes (and failures) and find solutions to all the obstacles that come up.

So right now, this is who I am:

  • I am a single 44-year-old cafe chef contracted to work 45 hours a week
  • I don’t earn as much as I would like
  • I can’t afford to buy my first house
  • I have no savings and little security for the future
  • My body feels stressed and I’m often lacking the energy to do what I want to do in my free time
  • I live in a room in a shared house near my work in the city of Norwich

This is what I want to become:

  • I own a house in the country and have created a happy home environment
  • I have met a partner that I have a lot of fun with, we love to go on adventures together
  • I have created financial security and run a successful online business
  • I have time to do the things that I love to do
  • I feel healthy and fit and have plenty of time for relaxation
  • I live a life of abundance and am able to give back to the community and give generously to the charities that I care about
  • I live a meaningful life that positively impacts others and makes me feel happy

As you can see, my wants don’t exactly match my actual life, do they?!. But that is all going to change! From this moment on I am setting myself the challenge to become the person that I want to be. No excuses.

And I’m going to take you with me.

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